Refined at
the source.

Standard Extracts' oils are refined in the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle, where people take their cannabis seriously. We’re on a mission to refine the cleanest, purest, most potent cannabis oils available because we hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard. In our neck of the woods, nothing less will do.

Clean. Potent. Natural.

It’s that simple.

Our Oils

The natural beauty of our home in the Emerald Triangle has always inspired our process. Now you can enjoy our oils in a variety 500mg cartridges or 250mg disposables. Select the blend that suits you and get ready to experience cannabis at its finest.

Our products derive their incredible purity from our proprietary multi-stage filtering process. Standard Extracts oils are a ridiculously pure, 4x filtered blend of THC or CBD distillate and essential terpenes.


Lost Coast


This indica-dominant hybrid smells and tastes of sweet earthy soil with accents of flowers and a pungent woodiness. The effect offers copious feel-good vibes and a body numbing melt…right before it sends you off to dreamland. Definitely strong in the sedative department; probably, best used at night.

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King Peak-Image
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King Peak


Get on up! This sativa-dominant hybrid jumps on the bed and kicks you into gear with a gentle citrus aroma and a flavor of sweet orange soda and hash. The effect uplifts and motivates, serving up clear cerebral energy that boosts mood while it smooths out your day.

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Trinity River

Mind and body revitalization

An upbeat, restorative 4:1 CBD-to-THC full spectrum oil with flavors of wild blueberry and a hint of cotton candy. The effect is immediate and euphoric—leaving you relaxed, happy and energetic. A solid choice for daytime use.

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What people
are saying

“I’ve tried every worthy cartridge in the market and hands-down, Standard Extracts has the highest quality by far. I’m a THC oil connoisseur and these guys have done it right. No artificial terps or flavors, just the best clear distillate with live terps, no bullshit like most cartridges out there.”


“Highest quality oil on the market. Period. I have tried so many cartridges because oil quality is very important to me and these are hands down the best I've ever had. I'm surprised they aren't more expensive than all the cheap stuff that's out there. Clean and smooth every time, great flavor, quick charging and the cases are pretty too. After using these, I won't ever switch back to anything else.”


“I have yet to find quality like these guys provide...I've gotten so many of my friends onto them and everyone loves it. So pure and good tasting. Truly top notch.”


Where to find us

Standard Extracts can be found at California’s finest dispensaries. If we aren’t available in your area, let us know where you’d like to see us stocked.

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